Sunday, July 22, 2012

Personality Wins

    A week after I was born, my mother brought me into the office so she could show me off to her coworkers. Naturally, most of them said I was cute and congratulated my mother. However, one woman was different from the rest. After looking at me for a while she turned to my mother and said: "My wish is that your daughter will be a plain Jane until she turns eighteen."
   My mother was taken aback. Who would wish that a child be plain for her most crucial years? The woman saw my mother's alarm and shook her head. "You didn't let me finish," she said, "I hope your daughter will be a plain Jane until she turns eighteen because then she will develop a personality."
   I want to find that woman and thank her one day. Not because she was  a great woman, but because she was right! People who 'peak' early on rarely have substance or something interesting to talk about. I remember one girl who had all the guys all over her explaining to our Geometry teacher how she couldn't do the homework of the previous evening because she was at the mall all night with her friends. The funny thing is, she actually believed it was a legitimate excuse.
    This girl had looks, but she had nothing to back it up. Aspies, I have been told by my friends, are entertaining and have good personalities. While these years may be difficult for us all, I have been told that pretty faces don't get one very far in life, but intelligence will. Aspies have intelligence and personalities that can (and will) get them very far in life. So while the popular and good looking may have everything now, just be patient aand bide your time. Personality wins out every single time.