Saturday, November 3, 2012

Princess Sarah

   My grandmother came to America as a young girl and most of her family still lives in England. Naturally, that makes my entire family Anglophiles. We love everything in the British Isles. So, naturally, the Royal Family is also a major discussion topic amongst us. We faithfully watched the Royal Wedding last year and love William and Kate.
  But they are not the Royal I want to discuss today with you. No, I want to tell you about Princess Sarah Ferguson , also known as Princess Fergie.
  Back in 2002, she came to my state to promote her new line of chinaware she had designed. My mother took my two brothers and myself to go meet her. Being an eight year old girl, I was beyond excited to meet "a real-life princess".  So my mother dressed all of us in our best and we travelled to the store where she was to meet her.
  Unfortunately, the princess was swarmed with reporters and the man at the front told us to go away; the princess didn't have time for us. I burst into tears, I had been so excited to meet her.
  What we didn't know was that Princess Sarah had heard the whole thing and heard my tears. She stood up and parted the crowds and reprimanded the man saying, "Let the children come and meet me".  She brought us up to the front and gave us a teddy bear each and signed plates for all of us.  She was incredibly kind  and I will never forget that day.
   Since then, I have heard many negative things about the Princess.  I don't know if those things are true or not, but I will never forget how that woman who  could have turned us away instead made an eight year old's dream come true by simply spending time with me.  I can't see her in a negative light because of how kind she was to me.
   I think sometimes Aspies are seen in the light of Princess Sarah, and sometimes we make assumptions about people we do not know just because of what we have heard about them. The lesson I took from the Princess was never to judge someone because of what others say about them, because they may be an unbelievable person and you simply do not know them.  I know we, too,  are looked at in a negative light sometimes, but we can also take a hint from the princess: do not let it bother you, and hold your head high, because that way you will be the winner in the end.  I hope you can learn from Princess Sarah as I did, because it is truly one of the best lessons.

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