Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who's Laughing Now?

    If you watched the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games this year, you would have seen a parade of talented musical artists from the United Kingdom.  However, there was one musical artist at the closing ceremonies who I truly believe deserved to be there. Her legal name is Jessica Cornish, but she is better known to the world as "Domino" singer Jessie J.
  Jessie J is no ordinary singer. If you listen to her album, it's a mix of many types of music that blend together surprisingly well. I have been a fan of hers since my brother introduced me to "Domino". I then went online and listened her entire album, which is fantastic.
  However, there was one song on the track I could not stop listening to. "Who's Laughing Now?" is the story of how Jessie was bullied as a young girl because she was different. For example, she says:
"Well they pull my hair, they took away my chair
I keep it in and pretend that I didn't care
Hey Jessica, you're so funny
You've got teeth just like Bugs Bunny"
  All these mean people used to bully her simply because she was different. However, when she describes what happened after she became famous, it nearly made my chin drop.
"Oh, Jessie, I saw you on YouTube
I tagged old photos from when we was at school
Oh, so you think you know me now
Have you forgotten how
You would make me feel
When you drag my spirit down?
But thank you for the pain
It made me raise my game
And I'm still rising, I'm still rising, yeah
So make your jokes, go for broke
Blow your smoke, you're not alone
But who's laughing now?"

    All of those people who made fun of her now want to be friends with her because she's famous. But Jessie, instead of being bitter, thanks them for the pain they gave her because it gave her motivation to do better and write hits.
   I think we can all learn a lesson from Jessie J. Even though school was hard and the kids mean, it only gave her motivation for what she has accomplished. Actually she thanks them, so one day we will too. If you're going through a hard time, remember Jessie's lesson: hold your head high and one day they will be begging to know you and will regret how mean they were.
If you want to listen to the song, here it is:


  1. Demi Lovato is truly amazing too :)
    I've never really been bullied, but when i see how they use their pain and how it makes them stronger, it really inspires me.
    So then i believe for a little while that i can come out on the other side a better and stronger person too.
    And even though i don't always believe and have faith, it does help :)

  2. Hi! My name is Rin! I absolutely LOVE your Blog! I was just officially diagnosed with Asperger's about a year ago. I have started my own blog now ( and I got the idea from reading your blog and seeing how it can help people to hear from people who actually have AS! I hope you update your blog soon as I am interested to hear more from you! :) :)