Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Difference Sports Makes

          Sports.  The very idea used to send a shiver through me.  I am an absolute klutz most of the time and in soccer, I fell more often than I scored a goal.  My parents first put me in soccer when I was four.  However, I spent more time chasing butterflies and helping the opposing team's players up after a fall than chasing the ball.  Oh yeah, my parents figured out that soccer was not my calling.

     Then I tried ice skating which was also not great because it's an advantage to be smaller to skate, and I am nearly five foot nine.  So skating was out as were tennis and running due to broken toes and ankles.

     Then I decided to throw myself into swimming as a last-ditch effort to find a sport that suited me.  I finally found it. I knew what to do and my success was not determined on other people, on a team, but solely on myself. Swimming is an individual sport.  I had finally found my sports, anyway!

      Finding a sport can be good for an Aspie.  Friendships can come from sports teams.  Not necessarily developed because of how good you are athletically, but mainly because you're thrown together a lot, and people bond from that sort of stuff.

     I hope you can find a sport because it truly is so much fun.

     Happy New Year to everyone!  Drive safe!

     This was originally posted at on December 31, 2010.

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