Sunday, March 25, 2012

To Tell or Not to Tell, That is the Question

     What do you do?  Tell your teachers about Asperger's...or not?

     The idea at first sounds brilliant.  Tell them and have them off your back!  But soon after comes the thought:  "What if they treat me differently?"

     I personally thought that if I told my teachers, they'd consider me a complete idiot.  At my grade school, teachers didn't seem to understand children, and I thought I'd be demoted to the lower level classes.  I didn't want that humiliation.

     However, my mother thought differently.  She told my teachers and still tells them to this day.  My high school teachers actually understand, and I wasn't put in different classes.  They try their best to show me and work with me on my level.

     I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should honestly consider telling your teachers.  If you yourself are too nervous to do this, ask your parents or guardians to tell them for you.

     As for the teachers who seem almost evil, sometimes they are actually cool with it and just didn't understand you at first.  Even if they seem bad, it is their job to help you to the best of their ability, and most teachers honestly want their students to succeed.

     Try your best, and I hope it works out!

     P.S. Happy Birthday to my amazing uncle!  You're the best!

     This was originally posted on on December 26, 2010.

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