Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Random Act of Kindness

     A lot of people have forgotten it, but the random act of kindness really does leave an impression on people.

     "Yeah," I can hear you say, "I've heard all about that, 'a smile can make someone's day' thing.  It's a load of horseradish."  Not so!  It is as true as can be, and I will offer an example from my mother.

     When my mother was a young grasshopper, (a sophomore in high school), she was a really good student.  One day, she forgot her pen.  She turned to the boy next to her and asked if he had one to spare. He did, and he handed her a silver Tiffany's pen.  My mom gasped.  "This is from Tiffany's!" she told the boy whose name was Allan.

     Allan smiled.  "Yes"  he responded.  "Do you like it?"

     "Yes!" my mom said.

     "Do you want to keep it?"  Allan asked.

     "Really?"  asked my mom.

     "Sure.  Keep it."  Allan said.

     My mom kept the pen all through high school and college.  To this day, the "Allan pen" holds a special place in her drawer.  It really changed her day and she smiles every time she sees it.  Allan really made her who she is with that random act of kindness.

     Aspies should try these random acts of kindness.  They are a great way to meet people and make lifelong friends.  People really appreciate it.

     Originally posted at on March 31, 2011.

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