Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Aspies Need Downtime

     Ok, so it's officially summer for me and due to that fact, I would like to talk about why Aspies really need to rest.

     People with Asperger's love their schedules.  Believe me, I live for mine.  However, when summer comes, it's okay not to stick to a rigorous plan.  We are humans, after all.  We need to rest.  We need to recover from the year and so much studying and other activities.  This is our time to read and see friends and do crazy and insane things!

     Trust me, last summer I tried to keep such a strict schedule...swimming practice twice a day, summer school, work, homework...; however, my body could not handle going into overdrive for so long.  I got really sick because of it and missed a whole week of school the next year and it took many months for my stamina to come back.  Your mind and body cannot handle a jampacked schedule year-round.  It needs to rest and enjoy itself.  So sleep in, read like crazy and enjoy yourselves because summer is here!

     Originally posted at on June 3, 2011.

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