Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Social Network

     We hear it everywhere, "Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!" or "Text me!"  The whole world is going digital and as scary as it sounds, it is actually a good thing for Aspies.  I can hear you now: "She's lost it.  The internet is not safe."  No, the internet is not entirely safe, but it is a good thing.  I used to be scared as well, but if you are very careful, you can have successful fun on the internet.

     I decided to try Facebook after a friend told me it would be fun.  Truly, it is.  I get to keep up with old friends and talk to my friends while I am on vacation.  I actually like it.  It isn't too bad.

     But why is it so great for Aspies?  Well, if you think about it, it saves us the trouble of looking someone in the eye, and you have time to think of responses instead of having to blurt them out and hope that they are okay.  It really is an advantage to us Aspies.

     I am not telling you to go get a Facebook or a Twitter account.  But it is helpful and I really enjoy it.

     Originally posted at confessionsofateenageaspie@wordpress.com on June 17, 2011.

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