Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Freak the Freak Out

     Let's be honest, it has happened to all of us.  Blind panic because something went wrong.  Whether it was your parents picking you up much later than they said they would or having to recite something in front of the class.

     Believe me when I say I feel this way a lot.  This week we had to recite the Gettysburg Address in English class (AHHH!).  I knew it pretty well, except for the last few sentences.  When I said it, I got stuck on those last sentences, and I panicked.  I closed my eyes tight, my knees locked and I apparently turned white as a sheet.  Aspies sometimes get so focused on something that when it doesn't work out for us, we freak out.  A sense of raw panic overcomes us and our bodies respond by freezing on the spot or moving around a lot full of nervous energy.  It is truly terrible to go through.

     Getting so panicked isn't fun, so as Aspies, we must force ourselves to calm down.  Taking deep, slow breaths forces your body to calm down, and it will calm your mind down too.  Another way is to pep talk yourself: "It'll be fine, I will be fine."  It reassures you and forces you to think of something other than being downright panicked.

     Aspies especially need to learn not to succumb to the panic which overcomes even the best of us.

     Originally posted at confessionsofateenageaspie@wordpress.com on January 7, 2012.

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