Sunday, March 25, 2012

Look Down...Look Down...Don't Look Them in the Eye

     Yes, I know, I totally borrowed that title from the Les Miserables song "Look Down," but it has a point.  In Les Miserables, where this song is concerned, the common prisoners of the French government are singing about how awful prison is and how even looking their captors in the eye will result in a beating for them.

    I know how all Aspies sort of feel like those prisoners.  We feel like people we look in the eye can see everything.  It feels very violating, and the looks people give us, can make us feel awful...almost like a whipping feels to those Les Miserables prisoners.

     However, there are tricks to looking people in the eye that I think those prisoners learned after they were released.  You can look at another person's forehead, but this can cause someone to think that there is something very disturbing about their forehead.  Their eyebrows are closer to their eyes and most Aspies use this trick.  However, the one surefire way I know of is to try to look another person in the eyes so you can be able to tell your parent exactly what color a person's eyes are, like your new teacher's eyes or someone else you just met.  My mother tried this with me and it actually works.  As an Aspie, it feels like a challenge or a game I constantly play with myself.  And I now can look people straight in the eye... sometimes.

     I hope this works for you, and Happy New Year!

     P.S. If you want to read the book or see the play Les Miserables, I highly recommend it.

     This was originally posted at on January 5, 2011.

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