Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Trip to the Past

     If I could make a list of all of the things I love about the world, it would probably look something like this:
1. Family

2. Friends (family you choose for yourself)

3. My books

4. History

     There is much more to that list, but it is so true.  I love these, but today, I am going to talk about number 4.  I love history and have always been, if I may say so myself, pretty good at it (I know, I know, nerdy).  I have a list of people from the past I would love to meet.  If anyone has seen the movie Midnight in Paris that is exactly what I would love to happen.

     So, understandably, when a friend's mom emailed me a list of historical figures believed to have had Asperger's, I had an extreme fan girl attack. (Fan girl, by the way, is hysterical screaming and jumping for joy when something good happens, like two characters in a book get together).

     On the the list were people who have changed the world.  The man who coined "Fair is foul and foul is fair" (Shakespeare) is among our numbers.  Abraham Lincoln is also a possible Aspie (his obsession? war tactics).  There are many more, but sometimes, I wish I could go to them just to talk.  They have changed the world, and I would love to be able just to see how they survived and thrived in this world.

     There are people out there who are like you who have succeeded and soared.  Never be afraid.

Baby you're not alone

'Cause you're here with me

And nothing's ever gonna bring us down

That easily

     Originally posted at on January 15, 2012.

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