Sunday, March 25, 2012

Standing a Crowded Room...

     Who has not been through this situation: You're standing along at a party, you know the hosts and a few other people, but that's about it.  They're all talking to other people who you don't know, and you would rather go through the nine circles of Hades than join their conversation.

     What do you do?  Well, there's always wandering around by yourself, (not fun), hiding in the bathroom, (also not fun), following the people around who you know, (seems a bit stalker-ish), or just praying that this party will be over so you can go home, (which I have a tendency to do A LOT).

     Parties were never super fun for me.  so I established a system with my mom.  I would stay for 30-45 minutes of a party, and if I was miserable, I would call home and say our code phrase "How is Nana doing?"  My mom would understand that and come and get me.  I'd say to the host, "Sorry, I have to go home.  Family thing."  That way they were not offended, and I got to be free.

     Establish something like this with a parent, so they know when to come and get you.  If you're having a fabulous time, don't leave.  Just party!

     This was originally published at on January 15, 2011.

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