Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to...Explain Asperger's to Siblings

     Today, in honor of my brother's birthday (love you!) I have decided to talk about how to tell younger siblings about Asperger's.

     I have two younger brothers, and both of them knew I was a little funny and different from other people's siblings.  While other older siblings would go into hibernation in their bedrooms, I was always wandering around and making cookies for my brothers and their friends or trying to talk to them.  That weirded out some of my brother's friends.  The ones who were fine with me and stayed are still friends with my brothers today.  They have, according to my mom, "passed the test."

     When I was thirteen and my middle brother was eleven, my mom told both of us that I had Asperger's Syndrome.  My brother said he finally understood why I was so different, and that he was proud of me because I'd gone through a lot that year.  My youngest brother found out when I went to my doctor, and we were openly discussing Asperger's in front of him.  Apparently he asked my mom later about it, and she explained it to him.  He also read All Cats have Asperger's Syndrome (he was young enough) and then he really got it.

     Though they will not admit it, I know it's been harder on them with me having Asperger's.  However, I think they have gotten used to the idea.  Anyway, they must like it when I make cookies for them because they beg me to do it.  Sometimes I think they are thankful that I have Asperger's, because I sort out all their sunny day friends and make sure they have true, good friends.

      Even if you think your sibling won't understand, try to explain Asperger's to them.  Perhaps they will surprise you, like mine did.

     This was originally posted on on December 28, 2010.

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