Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sword in the Stone

     When my friend, let's call her Isabelle, suggested I see an animated movie at sixteen years of age, I was a little shocked for a few reasons.  A) Isabelle does not like animated movies, and B) She is SO not the fluffy type.  I mean, she hates every Princess movie and whenever she is forced to watch them she gives this speech on how sexist the whole thing is.

     Anyhow, I knew that if she liked it, it was worth seeing.  So after about a week of begging, I managed to talk my parents into letting me rent it.  And guess what?  Isabelle was right!

     The story is, as many know, the King Arthur story, in which Arthur as a young boy, pulls the sword from the stone and becomes King of England.  The movie follows Arthur, (called Wart), as he is taught under the wizard Merlin and it depicts all of their adventures along the way.  While seeing this movie, it made me think of having Asperger's.  I mean, don't we all have our 'sword in the stone' that nobody expects us to pull out or conquer?  Things that seem almost completely impossible for us?

     I, for one, struggled in grade school.  My fourth-grade teacher told my mother that it was doubtful I'd ever graduate 8th grade at my private school let alone get into a competitive college prep high school.  I remember proudly smiling down at her from the stage at graduation as I received my 8th grade diploma, accepted into the top high school in the state.  My doctor then told my mother that I might not learn to drive, but I also pulled that sword in the stone out (although my brother is still too terrified to let me drive him yet!).

     My point is, guys, that you will face many, many people who will tell you that you cannot do something.  Don't get defeated.  You will and can overcome challenges and you are extremely qualified.  You CAN do it!

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