Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank You!

     Recently, I was reading an article in which pop artist Taylor Swift was being interviewed.  She was telling how she had been bullied when she was younger and how she refocused all of her energy writing songs about it.  She actually, in the article, thanked the people who had been so mean to her, because without them, her success would never have been possible.

     I think Miss Swift is onto something here.  I mean, being bullied is hard (trust me, I know) but it does give us something.  It gives us inspiration, I guess you could say, to prove all of those people wrong.

     Let me tell you something.  I was bullied badly in grade school.  However, I decided to turn their insecurity against them and instead take it to my schoolwork and everything else.  Today, I'm an A student and I have two Varsity letters in swimming.  Honestly, it's all thanks to those people who were mean to me in school. Without them to push me, I never would have done any of those things.

     One day, you will thank those people who were mean to you.  Trust me, you will.

     Originally posted at on June 6, 2011.

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